Simple DIY Woodwork Projects for Stay-at-home mums

Contrary to people’s belief, stay-at-home moms positively impact their children’s well-being.

The choice to take care of your babies and allow them to grow under your full-time care requires commitment and strong family support systems. 

In most cases, the other partner is left to fend for the family for a worthy cause. Now, such moms can’t fully take care of children throughout their lifetime; as they grow, they tend to be independent and less demanding.

Some now go to school offloading you of some of the babysitting duties. What can you do in your free time?  

Depending on your passion and hobby, you have a lot to do at home. It could be an activity that brings you income or a pastime or something to give your home a facelift.

Woodwork is one such activity that directly makes you have a complete makeover from the work of your hands.

Contrary to people’s believes, you can do a lot in this male-dominated industry.

Where to start as a stay-at-home woodworker?

  • Enroll for online woodwork classes
  • Invest in necessary woodwork tools
  • Get a mentor to hold your hand through the journey
  • Follow relevant social media pages
  • Start small and simple projects with little knowledge

Simple DIY Woodwork Projects for Stay-at-home mums

Simple DIY woodwork projects depend on many factors. Look at some of the challenges you have at home and see how the plans come in handy to solve them.

Is it the old chopping board that needs a replacement? Is it the old photo frame that requires a change?

Are your children having challenges on where to store their stencils and stationery? Let the home challenges be the driving point towards the DIY project for a start.

Here are a few designs for a start

  1. Beverage station

Are you a fan of coffee or a beverage? The repeat tasks at home are a drive to decide and design a place in the living room, specifically for drinks.

The coffee station is a simple and easy DIY yourself project for a mum. Once you have the accurate markings based on the size and available space, you can set the miter saw at the right positions to get straight and elegant cuts.

  • Handbag organizer

Women and handbags are inseparable. At times, the closet may not accommodate all your bags.

And if they do, they aren’t giving you that neat outlook you desire for your wardrobe. Why not think of making a handbag organizer with the pieces of wood in your compound?

With a table saw, the drive options work well to get the best cuts based on what you need for your handbags.

  • Bookshelf

Reading books is a favorite pass time for most stay at home moms. The addiction in books can mean to be disgusting when it comes to space.

Therefore, you need a new bookshelf to support book storage. Kids may also need a shelf to teach them organization skills early in their lifetime.

It’s simple, cut the wood with the new miter saw, or table saw. Join them using the nails of the right size.

Give them an excellent sandpaper finish. Paint with the desired color to complement the color theme. That’s it.

  • Stationery holder

During these pandemic times, where everyone is indoors, how do you keep the kids involved with schoolwork or prevent boredom?

You can include the kids in painting, but that can clutter the bedroom when you have no designed place to store the pens, pencils, brushes, and stencils (stationery).

  • Customize your closet

What is it that you don’t like about your closet? You may have a wardrobe based on the needs at that time.

Definitely, your clothes are now too many or too few. You need extra space or somewhat reduce other areas also, to accommodate new things.

You don’t have to throw what you have away. With your woodworking skills, you can make a few changes. Is that not a good thing to do with your time?

  • Towel holder

Are you disgusted by the many towels you have in the sanitization room? Hygienically, you need to hang them all the time to have to remove germs and freshen them all the time.

In case you have no idea what to do them, a simple towel organizer at the corner of the bathroom comes in handy.

As simple as it suggests, you don’t need even an hour to crack it once you have all the necessary tools.

  • Outdoor bench

Now that you are confined indoors because of covid-19, usually, during the summer months, you go out there to enjoy the warm temperatures.

Can you use that time and make an outdoor bench to enjoy the same within your compound?

You have a lot you can do with your woodwork skills explicitly to give your house or outdoor space a facelift.

With time, you can take the skills to a higher level and do it for your friends and families as gifts.

Before you notice, you are a woodworker specialized in interior ad interior deco designs.

The renowned woodworker you admire started small. Their passion and high level of creativity defined their current success state. Take advantage of the lots of time you have on your hands and do something meaningful.

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