Positive Experiences around Having a Newborn

  1. Skin-to-skin contact

Human touch, according to various studies, improves the general well-being and health of your newborn. It also works to strengthen your bond with the little one.

Skin contact with your newborn after birth and afterwards showcases your love for the bundle of joy. It’s a way to express how much you cherish your little one. It also lets your baby know that you care, cherish and adore them.

Is there a better way to let your baby know that it’s safe and well-protected?

One way of creating human contact is through kangaroo care immediately after your baby is born.

Benefits of skin-to-skin contact with your baby include:

  • Bonding and better breastfeeding
  • Better mother-baby communication
  • Reduces your baby’s likeliness to cry
  • Sustains your baby’s health – heart rate, body temperature, respiratory rate, blood sugar and blood pressure levels
  • Allows fathers to also bond with the newborn
  1. Bonding

You’ll want to shower your newborn with lots of affection, love, care, and protection. You become more attentive the needs of your young one.

In turn, your newborn benefits from positive self-esteem and develop a sense of security, qualities important in intimate relationships. It also affects your little one’s cognitive and social development.

Other ways of bonding apart from touch include:

  • Eye to eye contact
  • Imitation of gestures and facial expression
  • Voices and vocalized conversations
  • Eyes following moving objects