Bigger Picture Moments

Benefits of a Gluten-Free Diet

When on a strict gluten-free diet; you have minimal issues like constipation and bowel movements. Imagine just the thought of eating gives you anxiety and stress for you don’t know how your body will react to the foods.

With a gluten-free diet, you are sure of a smooth ride while enjoying your meal. You have minimal inflammation and bowel movement issues promoting your overall physical health.

Home Birth

Yes, in our bed. And it did get a little dirty. Ethan was ready to enter the world before the birthing pool was even all the way filled with water; my body labored extremely efficiently, and our relaxation practices helped to progress the labor very quickly. So, while we didn’t have our water birth, as I had hoped, we had a very empowering and successful natural home birth.

LOVE in Little

I’m guilty of putting love into a box — a box that says a man really only loves his wife if he shows her his love in very specific, planned, romantic ways.
He’s got to take her out on dates if he loves her. He’s got to write her love letters like he did while they were dating. He’s got to send her roses. And light candles during Saturday-night dinners. And buy her sparkly, shiny rocks to adorn her fingers and wrists as symbols of his love. 

Positive Experiences around Having a Newborn

Human touch, according to various studies, improves the general well-being and health of your newborn. It also works to strengthen your bond with the little one. It also lets your baby know that you care, cherish and adore them. 

Is there a better way to let your baby know that it’s safe and well-protected? One way of creating human contact is through kangaroo care immediately after your baby is born.